Mixed Messages

notes from a busy life


I knew Grandpa Hargreaves. He is my one link with the deep past. Born in 1871 in Blackburn at the time when riots were still a way of life—that of 1878 would have been visible from the seven year old's bedroom window—he had been a widower for over thirty years at the time of his death in 1956.

Other than his last six years when he lived with his daughter and family in Euxton George and Margaret had lived all their lives in Blackburn, and all their parents had lived entirely in the Blackburn or Darwen area—but a generation further back finds the Hargreaves family in the Yorkshire Dales.

Links below will take you to the Hargreaves and Shorrock family records and stories about some of those families.

Family records

Stories of the families

1. The girl who returned to the Dales.